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ISBN-10: 0804838275

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Forty seven Ronin is the unforgettable story of a band of samurai who defied the Emperor to avenge the shame and dying in their grasp, and confronted sure dying hence. This trigger a sequence of occasions that ended in one of many bloodiest episodes in jap historical past. within the approach, it additionally created a brand new set of heroes in Japan.

After being goaded into attacking a corrupt respectable on the jap courtroom, the Lord Asano is ordered to devote seppuku, or ritual suicide. His lands are confiscated and his kin is dishonored and exiled. His samurai now turn into ronin, or masterless, and are dispersed. instead of accepting their destiny, the Ronin spent many months making cautious plans for revenge, biding their time until eventually the instant to strike used to be correct! Their deeds grew to become Japan's such a lot celebrated instance of bravery, crafty, and loyalty in an age whilst samurai have been heroes, and honor was once worthy death for.

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