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By D. J. Fisher

ISBN-10: 3038351695

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The as-grown films were annealed at 724C to 922C in an As-rich ambient, and then analyzed by secondary ion mass spectrometry. A remarkably fast non-Gaussian broadening of the as-grown N distribution was observed. Evaluation of the profile shape provided strong evidence for a kick-out diffusion mechanism on the As sublattice; involving not only interstitial and substitutional N, but also interstitial As as a native point defect. Fitting the data on this basis yielded the diffusion coefficient of N as a function of temperature.

The temperature dependence of the diffusion coefficients was found to be described by: Defect and Diffusion Forum Vol. 80 layers was studied at 730 to 950C by using a modified radiotracer technique. 2Te in the absence or presence of an electric field. 2Te solid solutions. 2Te at 230 to 500C. It was found that, at 280C, the diffusivity was proportional to the square root of the partial pressure of Hg. 41(eV)/kT] It was suggested that the self-diffusion mechanism involved native defect complexes.

The Li migration was studied in weakly Li-doped p-type GaAs:Zn at a Schottky junction during zerobias annealing. Gislason: Materials Science Forum, 1997, 258-263, 1827-32 [110] GaAs: Li Diffusion The solubility, diffusion, and electrical behavior of Li in GaAs were investigated by means of chemical analysis, conductivity, and Hall-effect measurements. Both floating-zone and Bridgman crystals were examined. 0(eV)/kT] Defect and Diffusion Forum Vol. Wolfstirn: Journal of Applied Physics, 1962, 33[8], 2507-14 [111] GaAs: Mn Diffusion Radioactive 54Mn was deposited onto the surface of Czochralski-type material which was doped with Zn, or n-type material which was doped with Sn.

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